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Residential and Industrial Gates

  • Sliding Gate Automation
  • Swing Gate Automation
  • Combination of Sliding and Swing Gate Automation

Sliding Gate Automation : A sliding gate is the utmost simple and active gate for a commercial or residential purpose as as it inhabits only a slight space and there is no or negligible trouble when the gate unlocks and closes. However, one slight drawback of these gates is that they need an struggle to open and close it every time one has to pass through. In an office where everybody takes somewhat to or from the workstation, it is a little too much to expect the workers and supervise to open these gateways every time they have to move around. This is where electric sliding gates can become accessible.

Residential and Industrial Gates


Prearranged and made-up with higher square or rectangular hollow sections, laterally with MS sheets and flats composed by high quality welding.

Gates are nicely planned and the pre-tensioning of the gate leaf structure weakens the danger of meandering

The advance automatic controller unit licenses process time alteration, partial inaugural, reflex closing, phase by phase control, stop safety, reverse safety etc

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The doors are beneficial over other kinds of gates as they are informal to install and easy to preserve.

At Letin automations, we plan and mount automatic sliding gate to encounter your custom requirements. Either for commercial or residential purpose, the suitability of using our computerized gates can help you to preserve the safety of the place and at the similar time decrease the time which is missed in opening and closing the door.

Swing gate Automation : The automation of the swing gate may feel like a small vagrancy but, in reality, it proves to be a great help in speeding up daily conduct. Let’s start by explaining which are the two depended door macro orders presently on the request.

1) Single Splint Swing Gate: This type of gate has a single splint that rotates on itself, doesn't have any obstructions in the central stop but takes up a lot of space when opening.

2) Swing Gate with two leaves: This type of gate opens by rotating the depended doors on a fulcrum, either outwards or inwards. The advantage of this gate is clearly the important further unforeseen opening than the single splint gate. Once you understand which typology is in your home, you can do with choosing the stylish mechanization system.

Types of Swing Gate

  • Direct Motors
  • Articulated Motors
  • Hydraulic Motors
  • Underground Motors

Combination of Sliding and Swing Gate Automation: Motorized sliding gates (conventional) are gates which use a ground mounted path for the gate wheels to move on. Tracked sliding gates can have bigger introductory widths. A pedestrian gate can be joint with these kinds of gates or a distinct pedestrian gate can be constructed. Industrial Gate Motors, Company can yield mechanical sliding gates as per client’s necessities.

  • Physical process in case of power failure
  • Highly summarized sizes & very silent process. Built-in anti jerk device stops mutilation to the automatic system.
  • Startup at exciting power licenses the motor to overcome any primary friction produced by ice, dust, etc. Motor endangered by an internal thermal switch.
  • Tricky discovery causes the gate undertaking to stop if an interference is noticed.

The advance electronic regulator unit licenses process time modification, partial inaugural, reflex closing, step by step regulator, stop safety, reverse safety etc

At Letin Automations, we provide various types of Industrial Gate Motors and also provides best Industrial Rolling Shutters.

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